Nicoline Snaas



1982-1987 Certified teacher Communication and personal development and the dutch language. Bachelor degree.
1993-1996 Jazz at DJAM (Education for contemporary music and Jazz)
1995 Summerschool Jazz at the Amherst University(USA) taught by Jazzsinger Sheila Jordan
1997 Workshop with Jonathan Hart
1998 Workshop with Jonathan Hart
2000 workshop with Jonathan Hart
1998 Improvisation with Rhiannon, Italy
2000 Year training NLP Stichting Hypnos
2006 Improvisation with Rhiannon, Hawaii
2006 Jazzschool in St. Paul, Minneapolis classes with Peggy larson
2007 Masterclass CVT with Catharine Sadolin
2008 Roy Hart workshop, improvisation from physical work to voice
2008-2010 Certified TA coach
2010-2011 Co pilot/assistent in Year training “All the way in”, Improvisation with Rhiannon
2012 workshop seeing the body (trager education) Gail Stewart
2012 workshop Coresinging by Meribeth Dayme
2012 workshop Webe3 with Rhiannon, Joey Blake, David Worm
2012-2013 voice lessons by Ruth Weimar (Lichtenberg)
2013 workshop for profs by Bob Stoloff

1987- 1994 Teacher dutch and communication at a school for intermediate vocational education in Heerhugowaard
1990 Summer, parpicipated in musical theatre piece “Architectonaal” Architectonaal’ lead by Impov group Tamam. Choreografer Shusaku Takeuchi, musical leader Winanda van Vliet
1993-1997 member of women’s choir Peggy’s Angels olv Peggy Larson.
1999-2006 organiser and presenter of open mike evenings in Amsterdam, cafe de Kletskop, jazzclub Casablanca and Polanentheatre.
2001 Summer festival Slovenia with foundation Idriart, working with young people, singing with victims of war
2002 Summerfestival in Poland singing with young people from Europe. Semper Avanti. Arts-youth-european roots viration
2002 Tambourin player in Sapatas, Samba band lead by Toiny Verhagen
2003-2010 Workshop leader of ImproZo. Improv group Amsterdam
2005 Workshops Dancing Voice with dancer Micheline Dumonceau.
2006 Workshop improvisation with Angelique van Hest at Conservatory Rotterdam, musical theatre
2007-2009 performing on stage with Webe-3 and Bobby McFerrin
2008-2009 director of world music women’s choir Angels
2008-2009 Workshop Jazz and impro for uni students at CREA, Amsterdam
2009 Artistic leader and oganiser of the project Women Spirit.
2010 Workshop improvisation at the Conservatory of Rotterdam, Codarts, schoolmusic
1999-2012 Conductor of CREA (university) women world music choir “Tell mama we’re late”. High lights: concerts with Amstel Big Band and with WeBe3 (Rhiannon). 2012 Concertgebouw winning the first prize of amateur groups. Singing in festival in Estonia, Talinn.
2011-2012 2 years teacher for teachers at music school CATALYSE in Geneva (swiss)
2012 (fall) November 2012 taught a week in Busto Arsizio Italy.
Senior high school in social sciences (in italian: Liceo delle scienze umane), with a special course of studies in performing arts (music, dance and theatre).
Students don't study these subject to became professionist of the arts, but to grow and form themselves as human being, to learn to express themselves and to free their creativity through the practice of these arts.


1994- Christmas Angels (women a cappella group) Singer and artistic leader. Concerts in Holland and Belgium (highlights: National television New year concert 2000; “C-majeur” of NCRV; 2009 NCRV “de Schepper”)
1995- Privat school lessons in improvisation, jazz and technique and coaching singers to free their voice when performing, professionals as well as amateurs. Studio 12 in Meneer de Wit Amsterdam.
1996- Teacher at Djam One to one lessons and group improv lessons
2000- Jazz singer performances with different combo’s. Last 2 years with, Christian Doepke and Marjolein Kempen, Jan Verwey and Florian Hierdeis, Brice Soniano, Alan Purves, Webe3, Rhiannon, Konrad Kosseleck, Joshua Samson
2004- Summerweeks at CREA (university classes). “Solo performing as a singer” “free your voice”
2005- Summerweeks in France, Turkey, Italy and Hungary. “Improv and Solo singing”.
2005- Giving workshops Jazz and Improvisatie and workshops worldmusic, at. Cantina Vocaal in Amsterdam, BALK organisatie voor a cappella, Crea,
2005- Workshops singing in communication training. Teambuilding and leadership training. In corporation with, HPD and de Baak
2006- Workshop ‘Zingen zonder Zorgen’, (singing without worries) Harmony singing and solos singing in a small group of 10 people with Pianist Michiel Daalderop.
2010- Workshops Body and Voice with Mati Elias
2010- Composing and recording original songs.
2012- CREA (university classes) Course teaching/coaching “free your Voice”
2012- Fearless Rose, Vocal A cappella group, ambassadors for Musicians without Borders
2012-2013 Summerweek teaching in Italy with Marilena Anzini

Teachers that inspired Nicoline
Peggy Larson, Rhiannon, Jonathan Hart, Janny Nijland, Sheila Jordan