Nicoline Snaas

Agenda / Workshop

26 maart 2017

The voice touches and moves

Marilena Anzini en Nicoline Snaas geven een kennismaking met hun werk in Toscane

Lokatie: Crea
Nieuwe achtergracht 170, Amsterdam
Tijd: 11.00 tot 17.00
Kosten: 65 euro
Max 18 deelnemers
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Deze workshop is een kennismakingsworkshop voor mensen die interesse hebben in de zomer workshop in Toscane. Ook mensen die niet mee willen gaan kunnen deelnemen aan deze dag.

English bio Marilena
Marilena Anzini is involved in singing and music since more than 30 years as a singer, songwriter, teacher and researcher of the power of singing in healing and personal growth.

She completed the educational master of Funzionalità vocale with Maria Silvia Roveri (that started her research in Lichtemberg with Gisela Rohmert).Funzionalità vocale is a way to go deeper in the connection between the voice and the body in order to develop the richness of the voice and self- awareness.
Since 2006 she studied Vocal Improvisation with Rhiannon attending several workshops and the mastery level program All the way in in 2010-11. (Rhiannon Improvisation)

At the moment she is singing in several projects and teaching Funzionalità vocale and Improvisation in individual classes, workshops and seminars.

She is also the president and a founding member with Nicoline Snaas of Home and Journey association, that works on voice, music and personal growth.

English Bio Nicoline
Nicoline Snaas is a Jazz singer and made several recordings with her own band in Holland and in Italy. She sings jazz Nicoline Snaas is a teacher who works with groups in Holland, Italy and Switserland. She taught at a jazzschool in Amsterdam and at a university centre of creativity she invented her own lessons in a course named 'free your voice'
She uses singing as a metaphor to open up people to listen to each other and to connect people. In the years she made her own method as a coach to develop musical skills by using (jazz, pop and worldmusic) songs and improvisation.
She also toured and made 2 records with her world music a cappella group Christmas Angels. Since a few years she sings in the sextet Fearless Rose, they sing and teach all over the world as ambassadors for the foundation 'Musicians Without Borders'.
Nicoline Snaas lives in Amsterdam and has become a well-known teacher in Holland and abroad. She is an inventor of projects for socially involved rituals, like all souls day and memorial day of the second World War, where she works with a big group of singers and choirs, musicians and dancers.
Nicoline studied to become a teacher for social skills and personal development in Amsterdam. She combines her interest to connect people in their selves and with others using her musical skills which she learned as an autodidact inspired and taught by Rhiannon and Jonathan Hart. She is a singer, choir director, vocal coach and teacher of improvisation. She worked with choirs and also with managers in company's as a leadership-, trust- and teambuilder.
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