Nicoline Snaas

Agenda / Workshop

31 augustus 2017

'Hier durf je wel' Jazz Masterclass with Nicoline and Mateusz (VOL)

Masterclass Jazz Singing at an open Jazz mic, how to do it.VOL

Hier durf je wel (VOL)
By Mateusz Pulawski(guitar) and Nicoline Snaas (vocalist)
A workshop for Jazz Vocalists who want to play at Jazz Open Mic and Sessions but don't have the guts yet. Mateusz and Nicoline will give you some tools in how to prepare a song and how and what to communicate with the musicians
Prepare a song and email Nicoline Snaas.
Max 9 participants. Everybody will sing their prepared song.
Costs 35 euro
Start Masterclass at 17.00-19.30
Performance at 20.00
Performance Nicoline Snaas Trio with Jan Verwey and Mateusz Pulawski 21.00-22.00

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